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The following is a list of achievements in the game Soccer Rage.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ach-Deja Vu.jpg Deja Vu Beat Brazil 7-1 while playing with Germany
Ach-Dream Team.jpg Dream Team 40 victories with same team
Ach-First Division.jpg First Division 30 Victories against AI in normal mode.
Ach-First Victory.jpg First Victory First victory against AI
Ach-Friendship Destroyer.jpg Friendship Destroyer First Victory in Vs Mode
Ach-Killer Instinct.jpg Killer Instinct First K.O's against the AI.
Ach-Second Divison.jpg Second Division 30 Victories against AI in easy mode.
Ach-Trouble Maker.jpg Trouble Maker Provoque 100 Fights against the AI.